Hi friend ❤

Applications are currently closed but come back soon.

Thank you for expressing an interest in hosting a show on NARR! We’ve been working hard to try and get everything up and running smmooooothly, and we’re now ready to take on a few new shows. 😃

NARR will be broadcasting two days a week, Saturday and Sunday, from 12-5pm.

We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of their ability or access to equipment. (In the new year we will be running some webinars on how to put together a radio show with 000000 equipment!).

We are interested in hearing from people looking to host music shows, as well as speech + discussion based formats.

How to apply:

Send your application to our email info@narr.co.uk with the subject line ‘Show application: (insert your name/name of show)’ before midday January 12th 2021.

For music shows: please record a 20 minute mix to accompany the application (in a WeTransfer file), OR put together a YouTube playlist with 10 songs to give us a taste of what your show will sound like.

For speech/discussion shows: please record a 3-5 minute voice clip introducing your concept, and attach it as a WeTransfer link.

Please structure the application as follows:

Name(s) of host:

Pronouns of host(s) [This is how you refer yourself I.e she/her, he/him, they/them, she/them etc]:

Name of show (if known):

Show format (music/discussion/documentary):

A little introduction to what I want to do with my show (350 word limit):

A link to my YouTube playlist / WeTransfer file:

My preferred time slot/day:

I am based in (city/country):

Do you have any accessibility issues you would like us to know about? I.e hard of hearing/visual impairment/lack of equipment? (Please note that our studio is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible):

If you have anything you would like to flag to one of our committee members privately, please find their personal emails below:

Zoe – zoe@narr.co.uk
Safi – safi@narr.co.uk
Joe – joe@narr.co.uk
Callum – callum@narr.co.uk
Jamie – jamie@narr.co.uk
Liam – liam@narr.co.uk
Lucy – lucy@narr.co.uk
Nush – nush@narr.co.uk